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Luggage with a built-in scooter is awesome. I've seen ride-on wheeled luggage for kids (and coveted it mightily), and this appears to be the adult-friendly equivalent. Sadly, does not meet a lot of my other criteria (I'd be shocked if they let me avoid gatechecking this) and it's $250 (But at least shipping is free...). I'm tempted just for the awesome factor.

Here's a small hard case that meets a lot more of my criteria. It clocks in at 35cmx39cmx23cm (that's 14"x15"x9" for those of us who have to fly in America) and comes in cheerful colours. I'm actually not sure which one I'd choose -- normally I shun the pinks but that dark one is pretty lovely and would fit nicely into some sort of business-travelling fashionista persona if I dressed the part with some business casuals. But maybe the green or red would be less likely to clash with my existing wardrobe.... Honestly, I'm approaching this project much like I do cosplay, and now that I think about it it's not really that different: I'm playing for an audience to believe me to be someone very specific. Nevermind that I'm still projecting a variant on me; it's all the same body language, fashion, and carefully chosen accessories that make it work.

Similarly, a bright orange gem that could probably work with the persona too. 36x44x20cm (14x17x8") for that one, and only two wheels tucked into the edges so probably a bit more packing space in the final tally.

But despite the obvious appeal for my in-progress traveler persona, I'm not seeing any useful way for me to get reviews of these that I can actually understand since they're shipping from Hong Kong, and I haven't quite decided if I really should be making a hundred dollar gamble just because the colours are fun. I wonder if it's possible to find something similar that's at least a little more local to me? I have learned the useful new search terms "rolling business case" but it's mostly been turning up uninspired blackness.

Incidentally, I *did* check the wirecutter and they do have a section on bags, just not the kind I'm looking for. Bags are one of those few things I'm exceptionally picky about (especially right now while mildly injured, but even when not I tend to have precise requirements) so it probably isn't that much of a loss. They're apparently looking for a freelance bag editor and I rather wish I were actually the right person for that job. Lot of work for little pay, but a chance to try lots of bags!

Fashionista Traveller Persona

Date: May 16th, 2013 01:50 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
I don't get a vote on who you choose to be, but I propose the mods merge your "Business traveller fashionista" cosplay persona into your main trunk personality. You're thirty-something, have a disposable income, and the good taste and resources to look sharp on land and in the skies. Embrace it! Life's too short to wear frumpy clothes.

Fork hacker-wear t-shirt & jeans Terri into a secondary branch and cosplay as her at 2600 meetings. I suspect she's more legitimately the "costume" persona, anyhow, if you're aware of stylish alternatives. (The stereotype holds that most hackers don't care / know any better.)


Re: Fashionista Traveller Persona

Date: May 16th, 2013 07:20 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Ah wow - no offence intended. I had meant to encourage self-expression, but I hadn't thought through the context and consequences. Deepest apologies all around for my short-sightedness. This was a thoughtless comment.

I'm sad that you have such a complicated relationship with clothes - but I recognise that your experiences have been profoundly negative and you face hard choices at work and in your community. I take a lot of joy out of feeling sharp, and I naively wish you could experience the same opportunities without the safety concerns.

I'll be optimistic, and look forward to hearing about future fashion adventures in safer locales and more progressive workplaces.



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