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The MRI was unintentionally hilarious. I'd just gotten moved into my magical science magneto-coffin and told I couldn't move anymore then what comes on the headphones but spirit in the sky.

"When I die and they lay me to rest
Gonna go to the place that's the best"

Oy, it was hard not to laugh to that while lying still on a slab holding my emergency "get me out of here" button. (which isn't a button so much as an old-school camera bulb!)

Anyhow, other than that it was loud (as expected) but not as boring as I'd thought it would be because the noises it makes change often enough to keep me thinking about what might be going on in there, and honestly, just staying still for 20 minutes takes a fair bit of concentration for me. Plus I had the headphones and 70's rock to keep me amused (that was my choice and *clearly* it was the right one). Sometimes I had to just focus on the cowbell to stay still, because apparently that is how I work. The headphones are kind of cool -- rather than wires, they've got tubes filled with music and occasional instructions from the radiologist.

I won't have results 'till sometime next week; I presume the doctor will phone me like she did last time. I'm hoping I can get copies of the MRI and Xrays so I can see my innards, 'cause how cool would that be?

A twitter friend suggested I should make a list of #innappropriateMRIsongs, so in that vein, I give you Mystery and Crime:

Oh no, what have I done?
Oh no, what have I done?
I've got a pain in my heart
A beat that's as loud as a drum
Now, now what do I do?
Now, now what do I do?
You got to get me out of here
Before these brand new clothes aren't new anymore

And that's not even getting to the murder murder murder part that's the usual reason this is a totally inappropriate song for all occasions. (I once had to stop myself from singing it in an airport...)

I dare you all to think of more inappropriate MRI songs, but I'm going to bed!

Date: June 7th, 2013 06:38 am (UTC)
From: [personal profile] puzzlement
I had a nuclear medicine scan at the beginning of 2012 that had a one hour exposure time on a scan, I think? It does take concentration to stay still, which is why they actually… tied me to the table :( ("Also, if you cough, you'll hit your head on the camera!")

I'm too tired to think of an appropriate song but I might be able to tomorrow.

Date: June 7th, 2013 04:31 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
At first glance it seems like the most inappropriate songs would be about laying there in a scary machine for what feels like eternity - there's lots of dark metal songs about paralysis and being trapped (Metallica - One, is an especially creepy one).

But I think the most insidious aspect of being in an MRI is the uncertainty.
Simple Plan's "How could this happen to me" is pretty on-topic. But I think "Seasons in the Sun" would drive me immediately to the worst conclusions. Most depressing song ever. It's bumming me out just thinking about it.



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