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Triangle Hat

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I bought some mini skeins from Knitted Wit to make a hat, but then the pattern that I was sure I had didn’t seem to exist in my pattern collection, so I made it up as I went and this is the result. (I suspect in hindsight that I might have been thinking of the triangle mitts from the Knitpicks 2015 spring accessories and not a hat at all.)

Triangle hat

I’m calling this Triangle Hat, but you have to think of this song when you say it to get the full effect of what’s inside my head. Or perhaps you’d rather not.

If you prefer, there is also a printable Triangle Hat pdf, and it’s on ravelry as well.

Triangle hat

Needle size: 6

Yarn: Knitted Wit Superwash Worsted. I am utterly in love with this yarn and immediately made two more hats after this one and will likely buy more at the next available opportunity.

1 ball main colour, 3 “gobstoppers” in contrasting colours

(This gets you two hats with leftovers)

Gauge: 21 sts per 4 inches


This pattern was designed to fit my head, which measures just under 24 inches. If you need something larger or smaller, the pattern happens in groups of 8, and you can scale up or down to fit your needs. For example, for a 1 year old child with a head circumference of 18 inches, you’d want 6 inches less, and the closest multiple of 8 would be 32, so you should cast on 80 stitches.

Not sure how big your intended recipient’s head might be? Here’s a head size chart. I am amused to discover that I have a “large” head as I know quite a few people with heads much larger than mine!


For “one size fits most” adult hat: CO 112 in the round.

The brim is around 1 inch of ribbing. I did the k2 through the back loop to make the stitches pop a bit more.

Rows 1-13: k2 through the back loop, p2 repeat around



Apologies for the chart having been done in a spreadsheet program so the numbers don’t match, but start at the bottom (with the two main colour rows) and work your way up (or make your triangles upside-down relative to mine, that’s cool too).

Row 14-15: knit all stitches in main colour

First triangle section:

16: k7 in colour1, k1 in main colour repeat around

17: k1 in main colour, k5 in colour1, k2 in main colour repeat around

18: k2 in main colour, k3 in colour1, k3 in main colour repeat around

19: k3 in main colour, k1 in colour1, k4 in main colour repeat around

Second triangle section:

20: k3 in colour2, k1 in main colour, k4 in colour2 repeat around

21: k2 in colour2, k3 in main colour, k3 in colour2 repeat around

22: k1 in colour2, k5 in main colour, k2 in colour2 repeat around

23: k7 in main colour, k1 in colour2 repeat around

Third triangle section:

24-27: repeat first triangle section but using 3rd colour instead of first

Rows 28-37: Continue to knit all stitches in main colour for another 9 rows (or desired height)


38: k14, k2tog repeat around

39: k around

40: k13, k2tog repeat around

41: k around

42: k12, k2tog repeat around

43: k around

44: k11, k2tog repeat around

45: k around

46: k10, k2tog repeat around

47: k9, k2tog repeat around

48: k8, k2tog repeat around

49: k7, k2tog repeat around

50: k6, k2tog repeat around

51: k5, k2tog repeat around

52: k4, k2tog repeat around

53: k3, k2tog repeat around

54: k2, k2tog repeat around

55: k1, k2tog repeat around

56: k2tog repeat around.

Cut yarn and thread through remaining stitches to close the top of the hat then tie off.

Triangle hat

Triangle hat