Jul. 8th, 2009

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Got the latest proposal draft sent off late last night. Not entirely pleased with it, since I was getting somewhat incoherent towards the end, but I'm pleased to see it go.

Promptly installed the new Monkey Island and played 'till I was ready to sleep. The first episode had been released earlier that day, so I wasn't even too late getting to it!

My brother and I played quest games before Monkey Island, but it was pretty groundbreaking for us. Monkey Island was the first game we played where not only were you not penalized for taking the funny conversation options, you were rewarded, and no stupid thing you tried got you killed. It was absolutely fantastic, suddenly having a game that really encouraged and rewarded exploration... and humour! We were hooked, and as my sister got a bit older, she was hooked too. So obviously, we've all been waiting for this game for a long time.

And I most definitely haven't been disappointed! I find the movement system a bit kludgey, but I'll get used to it, and the game has hilarious nods to the old games for those of us who played them, as well as plenty of modern references for people who are jumping into this pool for the first time. And oh, the voice acting! That sort of thing can add a lot to a game, done well, and it's most definitely done well here! My siblings and I still quote our favourite one-liners from previous games, and I'm sure we'll pick up more from the new ones.

One of the perks for fangirls like me who preordered the game was access to a special forum. I thought initially that this was a bit of a lame perk, until I saw that voice actor Dominic Armato was answering fan questions in there. And not just the standard "how do you like voice acting?" but also the hilarious questions one might expect from Monkey Island fans, answered with appropriate wit. And not just a few questions, but pages and pages of them! That's one dedicated and funny man, and I look forwards to hearing him to voices on the re-released monkey island 1, when it comes out too.

So... yeah. I'm taking a couple of days off from writing while my supervisor reads the Frankensteinian monster that is my latest thesis draft. And I'm guessing I'm going to spend a lot of that playing Monkey Island. Thanks Telltale Games, for such impeccable timing!


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