Sep. 1st, 2009

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I asked John to make this for me (and Susan, although she doesn't know it yet -- snag away, kiddo!) for PAX:

Isn't it adorable? We're doing totally girly versions of Bub and Bob (the dinosaurs from Bubble Bobble) as costumes for PAX, and I can't wait to see how we look in them together. :)
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One of the neat things I learned about last year at PAX is the completely unofficial Cookie Brigade -- a group of people who make and distribute cookies at PAX in exchange for donations to Child's Play, the gamer charity that buys games for kids in hospitals. I didn't know in advance, but one of the friends I was traveling with had a huge pile of cookies for the cause.

Anyhow, I love baking, games and children, so this was clearly something I should get in on. Here's some of the cookies in progress:

Mushroom, Heart, Star, Coin, etc. cookiesInvincibility star cookies (in progress)Pacman and ghost cookies

If you're out at PAX, look for the people wearing cookie brigade badges and donate to receive a button or a cookie! Suggested donation is $1 (although it's up to you!), and I've got little quarter-sized cookies if you're watching your weight, your wallet, or just love tiny cookies.


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