Sep. 14th, 2009

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Getting yourself put on a blogroll, planet, or other blog aggregation site and don't want every post to show up in the group? Want to make an RSS feed that only outputs your technical posts, or only outputs your posts about writing, or, in my case, only my posts related to GHC09?

I did a quick search and didn't find the answer to this question for dreamwidth, so here it is. (There may be a page for it elsewhere, but I didn't find it, so apparently I use different terminology or something. This page is for people who use keywords like my own.)

Thankfully it's easy. You take this simple link and just fill in your own username and the tag you want to use where I've got those words in caps:

Or if you prefer atom to rss (I can never recall the differences myself) you can use

So for my journal, if I want a list of just the GHC09 related posts, I can use this:

I figured this out by clicking on the the tag, then clicking on the RSS feed button in firefox (it's beside the star in the address bar. Or the "awesome bar" depending on your knowledge of in firefox browser buzzwords.)

Now you know!


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