Sep. 28th, 2009

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I headed off to the airport bright and early in the rain this morning... and when I was halfway there on the bus I realised that I had forgotten the VGA dongle I would need to hook my laptop up to the projector to present on Wednesday. There was definite panic. Thankfully, my absolutely wonderful friend Ken was able to find it and deliver it to the airport at 8am, in time for me to get on my flight with my fellow CU-WISE women.

The flights were pleasantly uneventful... not that I'd know since I slept through most of the first two, waking up somewhere over the rockies in time to be reminded how beautiful the world is.

CU-WISE in a shuttle bus at LAX

The excitement came when we went to get our luggage, and a nice United employee called us over, "Are you the women going to Grace Hopper? Your luggage isn't here." I'm so glad I didn't check anything -- the rest of the gang is still waiting for luggage. Apparently it didn't make it through the second round with the xray machines in time, so got left in LAX. It was supposed to arrive at the hotel hours ago, but now they're saying "maybe by 2am." I really hope it arrives before tomorrow so everyone else has clean clothes too!

Once the paperwork for delayed luggage was finished, we found a shuttle and headed to the hotel. We had a lovely ride in from the airport, greatly amusing the driver and other passenger on the shuttle with us with our unabashed enthusiasm for cacti and, well, everything. It's HOT but beautiful here. We're a bit jetlagged and overhwhelmed with stuff we forgot to look up beforehand, but the staff at the Doubletree has been super helpful, providing us with toiletries (to make up for delayed luggage), advice, even screwdrivers which were needed to fix a misbehaving laptop. And our suite and the surrounding area is certainly beautiful.

Hopefully by tomorrow, we'll have our plans a little more straight, but we are indeed here, safe and sound, and looking forwards to volunteering and sightseeing in the morning!


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