Mar. 4th, 2010

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New post to Geek Feminism, in which I try to get people talking based upon this link that [personal profile] radhardened pointed out:

"The biggest enemy of hackerspaces"

I think commenter Meg nailed the more interesting problem on the head by saying that the real question is how to adapt the hackerspace model so that it's useful to a wider range of people, including those who may have not as much time. It seems like dreamwidth has done a pretty interesting job of making the open source model more attractive to more folk, and I'd love to see this done for other geek pursuits...

I'm trying to imagine drop-in fees for hackerspaces. Perhaps do it like the yoga studio I used to attend, where rather than paying for x months, you pay for x classes (or x days at the hacklab). Or playgroups for adults with kids (although I suppose some of the things around hackerspaces are dangerous, it might be possible to make a play area and have parents take turns watching the kids). Or... Hm. I'm curious as to what people already do. Perhaps another post will have to follow later.


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