Apr. 6th, 2010

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Looks like our radio interview will be pre-taped tomorrow later in the morning, rather than done live at 8:20ish. This is a relief, as I'm feeling a bit frazzled and knowing the interview isn't live should make life easier. Plus, I get to sleep in a bit more and not go downtown during rush hour, so that's pretty awesome. :)

Not sure when it will air, but probably very early on Thursday morning.
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One of the things that has been on my todo list is writing about the cult of busy, but I've been too busy to do it. Click through to the article and you'll see how embarrassingly horrible it is to say that: the gist of the articles I've been seeing say that if you're busy all the time, you probably suck at time management.

Sometimes despite your best efforts, there are going to be crazy weeks. I caught myself freaking out over how busy mine is and deliberately walked away from the computer, had a long bath, ate something, and relaxed. I'm feeling much more sane, but as I'm the sort of person who likes little checklists, I figure I'll put one here so you can see the amazingly cool if a little stressful things I'm up to this week.

- all the prep work for 3 presentations (two on Thursday, defence on Friday) as I will have no time later.
- reading GSoC proposals and trying to make intelligent comments on them so students can revise them before the deadline
- dealing with a mildly unexpected but awesome outreach idea

10:30 - Interview with CBC Ottawa Morning (to be aired later)
13:00 - Security meeting
14:30 - Systers GSoC mentors meeting for my sub-project
18:00 - friend wants dinner to celebrate his newly-acquired pilots' license (may have to skip this)
20:00 - band rehearsal (concert coming up next week; I may wind up having to skip both)

10:00 - Celebration of Women in Computing starts. Runs 'till 19:00, and I should really be there the whole time.
12:00 - grad luncheon
19:30 - speakers' dinner/networking event

13:30 - thesis proposal defense
15:00 - GSoC proposals due

And those are just the things with set times... I'm both excited and exhausted just looking at it!

But it's all going to be worse if I don't get stuff done in advance, so back to tweaking slides!


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