May. 21st, 2010

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After a surprising amount of work, [personal profile] warthog9 got the stereo set up, so lounging on the couch listening to CBC radio 2 and eating leftover thai food while annotating my slides from w2sp.

It's the details that count, and John's stereo-wrangling is making me incredibly happy.

Feels a lot like home.
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I put up a big post at Web Insecurity detailing my presentation at W2SP yesterday.

No Website Left Behind: Are We Making Web Security Only For The Elite?

Here's some choice slides, but you should really check out the whole presentation, or read the paper! (It's only 4 pages long and should be pretty readable even for non-academics.)

Here's 9 slides to give you an idea (in theory this should be a nice square display, but if you're not viewing this post on dreamwidth it might not be.)

w2sp: Slide 0: No Web Site Left Behind: Are we making web security only for the elite?w2sp: Slide 1: Page Creators are not all Programmersw2sp: Slide 4: Professional web page creators often have artistic backgrounds
w2sp: Slide 6: Web Security is for Programmersw2sp: Slide 11: Tainting (Fix The Code)w2sp: Slide 16: Non-Programmers still need Security
w2sp: Slide 17: The Web is a Targetw2sp: Slide 19: So... Now What?w2sp: Slide 20: Security costs may outweigh risks


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