Jun. 23rd, 2010

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I really enjoyed this post titled Manifesto: I Am Not a Brand.

It makes me sort of want to make a list of all the other things I'm not that I keep getting suggested to me.

#1. I am not an entrepreneur. Yes, I have great ideas. Yes, some of them could make money. No, I'm not interested in sacrificing my life and sanity to push them. Some people really get a kick out of that sort of thing, but the idea of doing that stuff makes me feel vaguely ill. I know, there's all these studies touting the awesomeness of women entrepreneurs, and that's lovely, but I'm Not One Of Them. Thank you very much.

#2. I am not Japanese. No matter how much you want me to be, no matter how small my eyes are and dark my hair is, no matter how much genetically came from that country if you go back far enough, it's just not true. When I tell you I'm Canadian, I mean it, and it's the only ethnicity that really tells you anything useful about me. Accept it and move on.

I'll bet I'll think of more throughout the day, but those are the two that get shoved in my face most often of late.


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