Jan. 4th, 2011

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I've found myself really appreciating the recommendations I've gotten and book reviews I've read of late, so I figure I should give back by reviewing the books I read this year. Unfortunately, as I read a lot of trashy escapist fiction I'm not sure how much this will help others, but hey, sometimes you need some escapism, right? So I finished book #1 on January 2nd and here it is.

(Full disclosure: those are amazon affiliate links because it seemed like the fastest way to get the book cover in a legitimate sort of way, but I haven't made a decision regarding privacy issues there and would love to hear opinions on the implications of using these links.)

Miss Bubbles Steals The Show by Melanie Murray

Okay, I admit it, I totally picked this up because of the hot pink cover and goofy title.

Twitter sized review: Stella tries to get discovered in NYC, but it turns out her cat has all the star power. Driven, quirky chick-lit heroine.

Longer notes: This is chick lit and is subject to the usual problems of the genre, but it's more a matter of stereotypes and less that you get the sense that the author believes One Cannot Live Without a Man. End message is even moderately feminist-friendly.

Our heroine, despite constantly being down on herself, really does make a great effort to improve her life and I found her actually rather endearing because she was so willing to keep trying, even when all she wants to do is drink too much and dream up fairy tale endings. It's cute and even though it's a tad predictable, it's in that way that feels comfortingly familiar (who *hasn't* wished for a fairy tale ending on a bad day?) Maybe not a must-read, but a relaxing one if you want a playful, quirky story about life, love and art in the big apple.

Potential for The Project: Some really great lines, intentionally funny rather than unintentionally terrible.


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