Jan. 19th, 2011

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I finished a book last night, but this isn't it because I'm still catching up.

The Better Part of Darkness by Kelly Gay

Twitter-sized review: Hardboiled cop murder mystery combined with urban fantasy stylings in a wrecked version of Atlanta. Surprisingly awesome.

Longer notes: Honestly, the premise of this sounded like something I'd heard before, right down to the wrecked version of Atlanta (although in this case, it's less magic and more aliens who were the inspiration for demonic and angelic style myths). But once I got to reading the book, the world it described was different, interesting, and the lead character as a self-sufficient single mom cop actually worked pretty well. Humour, drama, and a lot of potential for more. I was shocked that the author managed to avoid having ridiculous urban fantasy style romances starting in the first novel, although it seems likely we'll be seeing some in later books. The next book is out, but the library hasn't gotten it yet and I'm antsy!

PS - Passes Bechdel. Which is actually disturbingly impressive for both urban fantasy and for woman cop novels.


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