Feb. 6th, 2011

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Way back when, I commented to [personal profile] maco that I was amazed at how much time she'd managed to find for crochet, and she sensibly pointed out that there's lots of time to be had while you're on the bus or whatever. I figured it wouldn't work for me because I use that time for other things (largely reading, as you might have divined, but also DS games, podcasts, and just plain thinking).

But then I found a pattern for Lemmings that I had to make for my mother, and quickly became hooked (har har) on crocheting during our semi-regular d&d games. And when I'm hanging out at a friends' place chatting. And now I'm finding my hands itching to do something while I'm listening to talks or in meetings at work...

So thanks [personal profile] maco for reminding me that this was totally something I could do if I was willing to look a bit harder for the time.

I've been doing stuff that isn't amigurumi, but I find the little toys incredibly satisfying because they take so little time and are easy to give as tiny little presents if I don't want them for myself.

What I'm most excited about is our Angry Birds. M and I have been trying out patterns and looking for materials and generally laughing ourselves silly over the idea of having a bunch of these to throw around and give away.

I feel a bit guilty about still being excited about PAX given how *terrible* (some of) the PA community has been to any woman they can find this week. But I'm determined not to let those useless folk ruin our vacation -- After the year M's had, I think it's really important that she's got a trip to look forwards to soon that isn't tacked on to a funeral or ends in a hospital stay. So looking forwards to it we are!

I finished one of the larger angry birds from Itsy Bitsy Spider's excellent pattern last night. It's super cute! I'll be finishing and writing up my pattern for smaller ones soon too, esp. since they'll likely be used to make the little blue trio of birds. And I'm probably going to go buy a pile of giant zellers pillows on sale because they're cheaper than buying stuffing!

Incidentally, anyone know where to buy safety eyes in Ottawa? Both the Michaels stores we went to were out of the one size they carry and Fabricland was a bust since they only had button googly eyes. I miss Lewiscraft and White Rose. It's looking like we may have to order them online, but shipping to Canada can be a pain/very slow, so we might just have to do without.


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