Apr. 23rd, 2011

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I Shall Wear Midnight by Terry Pratchett

My sister pointed out that although this is clearly marked as "for young readers" the very start of the book has heroine Tiffany Aching dealing with a man who has just beaten his pregnant 13 year old daughter so severely that she has a miscarriage. I do wonder whether some parents would be taken aback by this. Though to be honest, I read a lot of fairly harsh stuff as a young reader: My mother didn't shy away from encouraging me to read a lot of dark but wonderful sci fi at age 8 or so when I became a voracious consumer of books. I didn't find I Shall Wear Midnight quite as playful as some of the other discworld novels, but it made up for it in other ways. I do so love the wtich stories for the common sense magic and not magic that permeates them.
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Teensy Amigurumi Bunny

I bought some baby yarn to finish out a bunny hat I was making for [personal profile] krayola 's daughter, and enjoyed the feel of it so much that I figured I should make something small. Very small. The bunny is about the size of my thumb. So I don't forget, here's the pattern I made up as I went:

Teensy Bunny (Amigurumi)

Row 0: Magic ring (6 total)
Row 1: 2sc in each ch (12 total)
Row 2: {1sc, 2sc in one ch} * 6 (18)
Row 3-6: sc around (18)
Row 6: {1sc, decr} * 6 (12) // this makes the neck

Stuff the body. I left a puff of stuffing sticking out as a tail.

Row 7: {2sc in one ch, 1sc} * 6 (18) // starting the head. I think I did some extra 2sc by accident
Row 8: sc around (18)

Stuff the head.

Rest: decr around until closed

Ears (make two, unless your bunny is actually a unicorn): ch 6, then carefully run the yarn back through the chains to add volume and make it so you have two threads on one side so you can fasten.

Fasten the ears to the head and embroider eyes, nose if you want.

Happy spring!

Teensy Amigurumi Bunny


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