Jul. 2nd, 2011

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Night Myst By Galenorn, Yasmine
I'd really enjoyed Yasmine Galernorn's Otherworld series, urban fantasy stories which tend towards sexy paranormal romance romps. I like the interplay between her characters there a lot, and I like that the romances don't make me want to punch one/both/all the romantic leads in the face. (Seriously, this is a problem for me reading romance. See the next post about Jane Austen for more on that front.) Anyhow, I figured I'd give her Indigo Court series a try... but it just doesn't do it for me because the main character isolates herself so much that I miss out on the character interactions that made me love the Otherworld books. It was still decent, just not as awesome as I'd hoped. Oh well! I've still got plenty more of her books to try. :)

Cryoburn By Bujold, Lois McMaster
This is exactly the sort of tale of adventure that I've come to expect from the series, despite the fact that Miles seemed pretty settled down at the end of the last tale. Politics, mystery, and fascinating characters as Miles gets himself into yet another situation. Fully enjoyable, and probably reasonable as a stand-alone. But honestly, if you haven't read the Miles Vorkosigan series yet, you're doing yourself a disservice. All the novels are online in digital form thanks to publisher Baen, so you can try them out anytime.

Dolled up for Murder and Dolly Departed By Baker, Deb
See my review of another in the series. A themed mystery series where the theme is doll collecting and repair. Good characters, adorable dogs, and an interesting mystery!

Twice Bitten By Neill, Chloe
I complained about the lack of friendship story in my review of the last book, but this book was clearly trending towards better, and the girls are now on more equal ground... Just don't ask me about the romance, which was starting to strain my sense of disbelief in the "how many times can this go awry anyways?" sense. Still enjoyable, though, and I'll keep an eye out for the next in the series. Meanwhile, I ordered another of her books to tide me over.

Everything Sucks Losing My Mind and Finding Myself in A High School Quest for Cool By Friedman, Hannah
An autobiographical tale of one girl's rise to and fall from popularity, which is much more interesting than that makes it sound. Funny, touching, and quite the story! The blurb made it sound like some sort of cautionary tale, but the author is actually quite refreshingly unabashed and honest, which really adds to the tale. I guess technically this is non-fiction and I've stuck it in the wrong pile, but it reads like a novel.

The Ghost Brush By Govier, Katherine
The tale of the daughter of a great artist... or is she perhaps the great artist herself? A very tonal piece, with a lot of thought about Japanese culture of the time. Feels like many smaller stories of her life, at times. I really enjoyed this one despite it being so different from my usual favourites.

Indigo Springs By Dellamonica, A. M.
I don't even know what to tell you about this that wouldn't potentially spoil something. I guess I can tell you it's an urban fantasy of sorts? It's quite the mystery: what happened? who are these people? Why are they together? Totally worth it as the story slowly unravels.
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I received this one as a LibraryThing Early Reviewer, and I feel a little like I should disclaimer my review because I got the book for free... except since I mostly review from the library, this isn't actually that likely to change my opinion. Besides, this book was awesome!

What Ho, Automaton! by Chris Dolley
This is a duo of fun "Jeeves and Wooster" -inspired tales in a steampunk world, and I absolutely adored the characters, the ridiculous situations, the fantastical creations, and the mystery. I expected it to be fun, but it's even more playful than I anticipated. If you're a fan of P.G. Wodehouse you'll love this. For me, it exemplifies one of the things I like about steampunk: a willingness to playfully co-opt ideas and adapt them to fit the steampunk mould.

I totally recommend this one especially to the friends who used to read P.G. Wodehouse in high school (or those who watched the Hugh Laurie/Stephen Fry adaptation), but I imagine it's a great summer read even if you don't know the source.

It's available from Book View Cafe, DRM-free and everything! Email me if you want to borrow my copy, but seriously, it's $3 so you might as well just get your own.


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