Jul. 31st, 2011

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I'm inordinately pleased with this stop motion video I made of the bridge replacement:

That's hours of work condensed into a 2 minute video with ridiculously epic music to accompany the road construction. ;)

They do this neat thing where they build the new bridge beside the old ones, then lift the old bridge out and put the new bridges in so that the road needs to be closed for less than a day. I was busy so I couldn't go watch (and honestly, it's a pretty slow process) but the ministry of transportation had a couple of webcams pointed at the site.... So I wrote a perl script and made a stop motion video with pictures from the two webcams. Cool, eh?

These cut off around midnight 'cause that's when I made them, but I think they get most of the interesting bits. I might make complete ones once they're done in the morning.

I'd never actually done stop motion myself before, but I figured Apple's commercials always make it sound awesomely easy with a mac... I can't say I'm as impressed after using it, though. iMovie is incredibly easy if you don't care what order your images are in. Grr. Not exactly useful. I don't know why they thought it was a-ok to not have a sorting button, but I wound up having to sort them externally and then paste them in. I sure as heck wasn't sorting around one thousand photos manually! Maybe I should have gone with John's shell script mencode version, but it didn't deal as well with the few corrupted files that wound up in my set. Besides, I was too entertained by the idea of setting this "sexy engineering" to music after I saw the "sexy engineering" headline.

End result, though, after a bit of work and some experimentation, I have a couple of videos that I find highly entertaining. Who knows if anyone else in Ottawa will be as amused, but I hope so!

Video links in case the embeds don't work:


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