Sep. 21st, 2011

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  • I got my paperwork sorted out, so my visa no longer claims I am an 11 year old child prodigy postdoc. And as a bonus, in a few days it should have the new and correct start date!

  • I cannot get paid 'till I re-enter the country on my newly minted work visa. Which I knew, but I think the department was disturbed by the idea of me being slave labour for a few weeks. Why is this good? Because since I can't get paid, I am instead getting my flight and hotel and stuff for Grace Hopper covered in November, so no one has to feel guilty about me not getting paid right now. Woo!

  • I'm going to be getting a free bus pass once I'm a proper employee. Not that bus passes are expensive ($30) but it's still nice to have a job perk I'll actually use.

  • I have broadband internet! Currently clocking in at 23 up and 5.5 down, which is shocking especially after my 2mb rate-limited phone internet.

  • I got my gas/electric bills! (wow, it's hard not calling electricity "hydro" but, uh, I'm in a desert now.) Which doesn't seem like it would be good except... Now I have paperwork that proves residency! Which means...

  • I have a library card! And library books! And requests in for more library books!

  • I am particularly excited to be reading a Batgirl collection, as the series was recommended to me so long ago that I forget by whom. Yeay for random things on shelves! It is very weird to have all the comics stuck in young adult rather than separated as kid/teen and adult comics.

  • And, although I am going to have regrets because it's one of those horrible overdrive media things... they have a copy of the audiobook version of the first Dresden Files novel, read by James Marsters. I've got some random later book-on-cd out and the combination of compelling fiction and an excellent reader are enough to make me forget that I'm carrying heavy piles of groceries for sometimes literal miles, so I'm looking forwards to starting at the beginning. I walk at least an hour every day, audiobooks are extra-awesome right now!

  • John is coming here! Soon!


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