Jan. 31st, 2012

What's up

Jan. 31st, 2012 03:06 am
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- Took an impromptu trip to the Bay Area this weekend. Bit expensive since we decided to do this on Tuesday, but otherwise quite feasible, which is good to know for future trips! Mostly hung out with the new parents and thus got to meet the new babies, which was fun.

- My first visitor to Albuquerque has scheduled her flight. Which means I now have a time limit on unpacking and prepping the house! To be fair, it's perfectly feasible for visitors to show up anytime now (the spare bedroom has bed, lamp, sheets, etc. and I'm using it as a quiet place to chill or have a nap where John won't disturb me) but I'm hoping this will provide the push to make the place nicer.

- I hated moving, but at least I culled my stuff before I did. Not only does it suck to have finally gotten the unpacking under control only to wind up with another household worth of crap in the house, but there's a lot of "why the hell did you bring all these useless old computer books, and why did you unpack them onto my one remaining bookshelf?" -- John is taking it in good humour; I want to burn all the things. Have not thrown him and his junk out of the house yet, shockingly! But he may be buying a shed to temporarily manage our stuff problem. Not kidding.

- I'm still settling back into a new routine with two of us in the house instead of just me. I like having milk mysteriously appear in the fridge!

- Work is still settling in. I am irked by the fact that I miss paperwork deadlines because I don't know about them until after they've passed, but I think I'll be able to predict some of them for next time, so I have hope I'll be able to be responsible and not on academic-time always! I've got a project on the go and will be giving a prelim talk on the subject on Thursday. I'm debating if I can find some clever way to do an off-the-wall presentation here, just for variety, but think this will be more of a led discussion.

- After much fuss, I have most of a dev environment set up again for Mailman hacking on my laptop. Looks like I probably can't justify Pycon, but am still hoping I can make the sprints. (Work may have a visitor then, though, which would mean I'm stuck here.) Either way, have a bunch of summer of code stuff that I really want to have integrated. Maybe this weekend I will actually sit down and do that. I have been a very absent dev for the past few years due to thesis, and I'm a little nervous about getting back to it, but there's lots I want to do!

- Also, I have started keeping a list of all my "I should really do this..." projects, which I find strangely motivating because so many of them seem within my grasp. I'm trying not to over-extend myself, but little personal private ideas don't feel like they're in the way. It's more like now, when I'm bored, I know I can grab something off the list.

- I totally managed a step class at altitude before I left for California for the weekend. But I also managed to make myself very sore between that and playing too many kinect games the night before. Am slightly afraid for my next class (weds unless I wimp out), but at least this time I wasn't gone long enough to lose my entire altitude adaptation. I have to say, it's a neat and unexpected perk that the university provides me with a free fitness class pass! If it turns out step doesn't work for me, i can switch to a variety of other classes, but I figured step was the most familiar class for me to start at: I know how my body should react to doing step at sea level, which gives me a handy baseline.

- That said... I managed to get a migraine for the first time since, uh, I had a root canal done many years ago which apparently fixed the freaked-out nerve. This was the day *of* said fitness class, so trigger could have been over-exertion, dehydration, altitude, or possibly plain old lack of sleep. Hopefully this will not be a thing in the future, but as far as migraines go it was kinda fun: I still have prescription drugs left over from before the migraines were cured, so it didn't hurt, and I got some seriously fascinating aura stuff happening with half of my vision flashing white shiny-ness. It made the trip to home depot especially trippy.

- I bought some "water crystal gel balls" that are absurdly fascinating given that they look like tiny plastic ball-bearings and then swell up to be marble-sized bouncy gels. Soon, I'll have some bamboo stuck in them and will have continued on my plan to green up the house (currently only at 3 plants, but I'll have a jungle yet!)

- I also bought a little nail buffer/shiner thing, which is just a bunch of different very fine grades grit used to make nails shiny without polish. This is much more fun than it has any right to be, but it encourages me to keep my nails longer than usual, which feels odd because I tend to use the tips of my fingers and thus I'm knocking them on stuff a lot. Strangely, this reminds me that I need to get back to practicing clarinet so that I'm in shape to join one of the local concert bands.

- As you can tell, I'm not actually that good at anti-materialism despite my constant complaints about the amount of stuff around here. le sigh.

So... overall, things are settling again. I'm happy to give myself a little longer of settling given that house stuff is still taking up a lot of my weekend time, but I'm hoping that I'll move past settling and into doing new stuff soon!


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