Mar. 9th, 2012

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I had my very first visitor from Canada this week, which was absolutely lovely. It's great to have an excuse to do touristy things, and we actually haven't done many ourselves yet so it was new to us too!

I haven't really processed my photos, but it turns out my new phone takes panoramas relatively easily, so here's a few of the phone pictures for those who haven't seen them via other social media.

Sunday: M arrives! Late due to flight rescheduling!

Monday: Visit to Old Town. J gets home from Iowa/Boston.

Tuesday: M comes to my seminar and argues about biology with the computer scientists. As she is a Real Biochemist, her perspective is rather different from the rest of the group's, and I think it helps a lot. In the afternoon, we go to the zoo.

Wednesday: The Very Large Array. It was stupidly windy in a gale-force + sandstorm sort of way, which made the walking tour more exciting and resulted in us having teased 80's hair by the time we were done. You can't really tell from the photos, though.

The Very Large Array

The photo's much bigger, btw, and I think it looks nicest on black.

The dish on the far left is the one they used for the most photogenic parts of Contact. Now you know! Here it is, closer (I was still playing with the panorama function, which only works if you hold move the phone towards the small edge, so I had to take a slice of dish here):

The tourist dish at the Very Large Array

And here's my traveling companions (and me playing with the HDR function):


Thursday: Hiking at the Petroglyph National Monument:

Petroglyph national monument panorama

The petroglyphs themselves are pretty cool, although it's sometimes hard to tell which ones are ancient and which are modern. There's a lot of more recent graffiti at the site, though the gentleman at the visitor's center said there were around 600 petroglyphs on the trail, so quite a lot were original I guess!

Petroglyph national monument

After that, we went to a local quilt shop which has quite a lot of southwest and native designs, making it a perfect way for M to get souvenirs *and* quilting materials at once. The lovely lady there noticed my crocheted hat and scarf and wisely gave us a tip about the yarn shop around the corner:

Village Wools: Fiber Addiction Specialists since 1971

You can just tell from the tagline that this is going to be a store of fun people! I've just recently (as in, Wednesday) started to learn to knit and wanted to get myself some pretty yarn as motivation to practice enough to make a scarf I'll actually wear, and this was a great store to stop in to. Not so good for my usual needs of cheap brightly-coloured hard-wearing stuff for amigurumi angry birds and the like, but the point of learning to knit is to do some very different stuff than I do with crochet. And to try a pile of ravelry patterns I couldn't do before. ;)

From there, we went out to Santa Fe for a bit more tourism and dinner, which was awfully picturesque due to the lightly falling snow, but not so convenient for photography given that it was dark by the time we got there (too much time shopping!)

Friday: A short morning jaunt to Old Town for a last shot at souvenirs, then we saw M off at the airport. I spent the afternoon dealing with GSoC, taxes, and some work.

All in all, a rather lovely visit! I hope some other people will come to stay while I'm living down here!


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