Apr. 9th, 2012

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I was running with my grandmother's dog yesterday and managed to sprain my ankle. I actually fell off the road in what would have been a hilarious accident if it hadn't hurt so much -- I was running along the edge of the road and managed to step half on half off the pavement, rolling my ankle badly and landing in the grass which was probably 5cm/2in below the pavement level. Aside from landing badly on the ankle, I'm fine, not so much as a scratch on my hands or a bruise on the rest of me. Buster the dog was spectacularly unsympathetic and continued on without me. So much for doggy heroism! My grandmother lent me her cane and my mother lent her her arm and we all got home safely.

I was *hoping* that it'd be a matter of hours to recover, but after icing it it was clear that I was getting a noticeable goose-egg of swelling around the ankle bone, so I'm declaring it a sprain and treating it accordingly. I didn't feel like trying to find a clinic that was open and dealing with my potentially dubious trans-national health insurance issues just to be told rest, ice, compression and elevation.

It's noticeably better today, but going through airports tomorrow will be distinctly non-fun. I should be able to struggle through security, but I'll be prepared to ask for help as I need it.


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