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I've posted the web version of the presentation I gave at HotSec. I find it amusing, and so did my audience. Here's some sample slides to give you the, ahem, picture. This should be a 3x4 grid if you see it on my blog directly, but who knows what it'll look syndicated?

83% of web sites have had a serious vulnerability64% of all sites have a security flaw right nowWhat makes the web so hard to secure?
There are no restrictions within a web pageSeparation between components can mitigate attacksBut not many web developers use encapsulation
Infographics make complex data easier to understand using visualsEquations allow more detailed analysis... if you understand them.The people who make web pages... are also the people who make infographics
Visual Security PolicyMath is hard; let's draw boxes!Visual Security Policy (ViSP)

The whole presentation I gave at HotSec is here.

Date: August 23rd, 2010 10:48 pm (UTC)
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It shows up for me in DW as an alternating pair of images and a single image, though LJ shows it in proper 3-across glory. Great presentation, though! Hopefully this gets implemented in the big world. (Best line: "Perhaps most communication comes from attackers": that's already the case in the SMTP world.)


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