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I wrote for the New York Times yesterday. Not making this up:

Where Are the Women in Wikipedia?: Trolls and Other Nuisances

Okay, so it's "just" their online opinion page, but I was still pretty stunned to be contacted by an actual NYT editor looking for a comment on the wikipedia numbers. I was expecting she'd take some little quote out of what I said, but instead she nicely edited down my piece and there I am, voicing my opinion right under Jane Margolis' statement! (She's the person who wrote "Unlocking the Clubhouse") So Darned Cool.

Date: February 4th, 2011 12:44 pm (UTC)
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But now that you are an NYT blogger alongside the likes of Paul Krugman, you are presumably too posh to respond to mere mortals now. Here, let me bring your limo for you. Champaign, madame? Have some endangeredspeciesberries---they should be extra tasty this season after the adorable mythical animal hunt.

Now THAT is trolling :)


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