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Sometimes I am reminded of the scars Albuquerque left upon my mind.
As I remind my boyfriend that when he closes a window he must latch it
because that one time, a man saw me alone in the house and tried all the windows until one opened.

Sometimes I am reminded of the scars Albuquerque left upon my mind.
As I hear a car slow behind me and brace myself for the catcall,
thinking "I should have put in earphones" so that they might believe I cannot hear them.
So they won't honk or swerve in front of me, because they think they deserve my attention.

But here the car turns without anyone rolling down the window and I breathe a sign of relief.

Sometimes I am reminded of the scars Albuquerque left upon my heart.
As I listen to a story about an unknown device a coworker found,
and I think "that would be a great whatsit for the 2600 meeting"
only to remember I don't go to those since I moved. They wouldn't be the same.

Sometimes I am reminded of the scars Albuquerque left upon my heart.
As I sign the paperwork to donate part of my salary to my old library there,
and think about how poor my neighbourhood was and how many of those kids could use more books.

Sometimes I am reminded of the scars Albuquerque left upon my heart.
As I gather parts for my latest project and wish I had a Sunday hacknight coming up
so I could show it off even though it's not working, and people would still be excited.

Sometimes I am reminded that it is micro tears that make muscles strong.
And the heart is a muscle.
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It's been a while since I just wrote about what I'm doing, so let me tell you about some of this week:

Cory Doctorow (Speaking in Albuquerque, NM)

On Wednesday I...

... continued to run cool experiments on mutated software at work.
... went to see Cory Doctorow speak at the library.
... went out for falafel with some local hacklab folk.
... beat up an ingress portal with the help of my lvl 8 friend.

Today was less cool, what with the 2hr taxes-for-aliens session (not actually what they call it, but accurate enough), but I did make some coffee cupcakes with cream cheese icing.

Coffee cupcake with cream cheese icing

I plan to feed those to my coworkers (partially to make fun of the fact that we ran out of coffee today. "Look, I brought coffee!") and anyone who shows up at the local 2600 meeting tomorrow.

Then, on Saturday I'm going to build stilts and hopefully learn to walk on them! Or more likely, bruise my knees a lot, but hey, can never learn if I don't try, right?

And on Sunday I'm playing a concert of predominantly Percy Grainger music (which is pretty music-nerdy), and then hopefully taking part in a meeting to start a local Hacker Scouts guild.

So yeah, I've mostly been living life rather than photographing it and posting about it lately, but it is a very awesome life and you should all be jealous, promise!
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It's apparently the New Mexico centennial (even though Albuquerque itself is quite a bit older) so I gather ABQ Summerfest was bigger than usual. I have no point of comparison, but there was a fair amount of stuff going on for a free street party!

I like that they're willing to close off the main street through downtown for a street party. It was pretty similar to Westfest in Ottawa: info booths (and free stuff) from various organizations, music at small stages here there and everywhere, food and other random stuff for purchase. Although Westfest doesn't have civil war reenactors hanging out in the park with cannons, I suppose, and it's smaller. The only jarring thing was actually how much security there was: I think they'd called in police from the surrounding areas and the state, plus we saw a bunch of guys in TSA uniforms wandering by (no clue if they were working security or just happened to get off work together and come down, though). I don't know what sort of trouble they were expecting or if it's just that everyone volunteered to work the festival, but I didn't see them doing much more than walking around and smiling at folk, so that was nice enough.

It was hot, so I think my favourite moments involved hanging out in shady parks, listening to bands I'd never heard of previously. To be honest, that's often my favourite part of any summer festival anyhow, and since they were showcasing a lot of New Mexican stuff, there was plenty I didn't recognize.

I walked around plenty on my sandals and had no problem with my ankle, despite having done a Zumba class on Thursday and walked around a bunch on Friday, so I think I can assume it's sufficiently stable. It's still a bit uncomfortable to kneel, but I remember that took something like 6 months before I could sit on it pointed straight last time, so I'm not too surprised. I pinched the stupid nerve in my leg sometime last week while our friends were out visiting, and it's been acting up when I walk, but it's slowly working its way back to normal too, so walking around was actually pretty pleasant as long as I stopped to sit and listen now and again.

All in all, a lovely festival!
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I've done a lot of complaining about Albuquerque, which is in many ways complaining about the US in general and poor Albuquerque is just getting the brunt of my culture shock because I live here. But I have missed two very important things you need to know that are totally awesome:

1. In the desert, it always becomes lovely and cool at some point around sunset.
2. There are no mosquitoes here.

So if you're wondering why I'm not back to playing Diablo this week now that my friends have headed home, it's probably that I'm enjoying the hours of absolutely perfect patio weather that this city graces me with every single night. Plus, that's when the hummingbirds come out and the sunsets are amazing.
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I said on twitter:
It appears someone may have stolen our broken dryer from the backyard. The gas-powered one that was going to burn down the house. Not sad.

But someone asked on fb what's up with that, so here's the longer story:

It's a slightly longer story than fits in a tweet: The broken dryer was in the backyard since they replaced it yesterday, and we'd been told someone was coming to pick it up, so when someone rang the doorbell John showed them the dryer in the backyard and they carted it off.

But then the friend/cousin of the landlord's who'd been helping with this showed up and was all "someone's coming to pick up the dryer" whereupon John said "he's already been and gone" and Cousin was all "uhh... I hope not" and it turns out that apparently they'd arranged on fb for this guy to show up and give the cousin $20 for the dryer. But he didn't give us any money, and we didn't know to ask for it (also, I'm not sure I'd ask anyone for money for Deathtrap Dryer anyhow, but that's another story about how I think gas-powered appliances with broken shutoffs shouldn't be in use).

So then Cousin was all upset and phoning the dude because we don't even know if it's the *right* guy who came to get the dryer or whether they had this whole conversation on someone's public facebook wall and some stranger was all "huh, free dryer in the backyard!" or what. John helpfully pointed out that it could, technically, be reported as theft.

Meanwhile, I am thrilled that Deathtrap Dryer is gone, and if it burns down a thief's house, so be it. ;)

In short: We didn't have to pay someone to haul away the dangerous old dryer! No matter what the landlords call it, I figure that's a win.


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