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Looks like our radio interview will be pre-taped tomorrow later in the morning, rather than done live at 8:20ish. This is a relief, as I'm feeling a bit frazzled and knowing the interview isn't live should make life easier. Plus, I get to sleep in a bit more and not go downtown during rush hour, so that's pretty awesome. :)

Not sure when it will air, but probably very early on Thursday morning.
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Gail and I are going to be on CBC Ottawa Morning on Wednesday to talk about the Celebration of Women in Science and Engineering, and probably about our experiences as women in computer science. When I chatted with the producer last week, we talked a bunch about How does biology explain the low numbers of women in computer science? Hint: it doesn't., the short presentation I made back in November and will be presenting in person for the first time at the celebration on Thursday. Apparently the CBC can't resist a snarky title either. ;)


We've been asked to come in around 8:20-8:30, just before the news, so if you tune in around 8:15 you should be able to catch us. CBC Radio 1 is 91.5FM in Ottawa. And for those of you who won't be by a radio in the morning, or who don't live in Ottawa, you can also listen online:


I don't know offhand if our clip will be available later in the day, and if you have some way to record it so we can put it on the WISE site, we'd really love that, so please get in touch!

EDIT: Change of plans. More details here, but short version is we're going to pretape tomorrow, not sure when we'll be aired (probably Thursday very early).


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