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This list is mostly for me so I don't forget something when I go to work on solving these problems. I suspect I'll submit some of these as bugs, and probably write patches for some of them if I don't just write a better cookie exception handler as an extension. Note that I've been using cslite on firefox, so some of the things I want are heavily influenced by that.

  • When I add an exception to the list, I type the name and then the minute I click off it, my new entry is whisked off it its alphabetical location in the list before I can change whether it's allowed to set cookies or not.
  • Sorting. Seriously, wouldn't it make more sense to sort alphabetically by domain, then subdomain? Or make it possible to sort by what's allowed/blocked?
  • Search. Why is there no search in the exceptions list so I can just find the domain I want, the way there is when I'm looking at actual cookies?
  • Why does "allow" in the dialog box always go to "allow for session?" lately? Is this a setting I chose somewhere and can't find?
  • Why does "allow for session" mean "only allow session cookies" instead of what I expected, which was that it would allow all cookies but remove them when I closed the tab/browser? 'cause frankly, it doesn't seem like many sites use session cookies, so I wind up having to allow everything anyhow.
  • Why doesn't clicking on the cookie with an x on it in the address bar tell me what domains are trying to set cookies? That could help a lot. Know what would be even better? Being able to add the necessary exceptions from that spot.


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