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The dream was pretty interesting from the beginning, some sort of mystery going on that we were sleuthing out through meet-ups in restaurants where we used some sort of visual overlay thing to get more information about what was going on with the other patrons. I'm not sure I've ever been so cyberpunked in a dream to have that kind of head's up display built-in.

I followed a patron I'd befriended earlier to find out about her deal to sell a dog to a man I'd never seen before who was, strangely, wearing an MBL t-shirt (I know everyone who owned one of these, as a group of my friends did a custom run to make them). However, whatever it was I was trying to find out about her business dealings, I wasn't expecting him to turn out to be a dragon. And dragon's breath that lets the entire restaurant stay up without any ill effects is one heck of a magic power. But I still don't know why he was buying a dog.

Actually kinda disappointed not to have seen the end of that one, but I couldn't fall back into it any longer and 'sides, I'd already slept in much too long!


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