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I found someone who had described exactly the problem I was having but of course there wasn't an answer.

The problem: My LaTeX \listoftables was producing a List of Tables with extra lines between tables in different sections. So it'd be single spaced between tables in section 2, then there'd be this huge gap before a table in section 3 occured in the list. This... mostly just looked weird in the very small number of tables I have, so I thought it best to remove it.

The solution was this:

Replace \listoftables with the following...


[found here]

Just in case someone else comes up with the same problem. If you want everything to be consistently spaced but larger, you just need to change that parskip to be more than .2em.
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Revisions continue apace. Often, I think that using LaTeX is a bad idea because the compiles are long enough that I lose my train of thought by the time they're done. I am trying not to think about ways to solve this problem on account of that being really distracting. Instead, I am web surfing.

This is the most awesome thing I found yesterday:

see more dog and puppy pictures

A quick web search (for "mop dog") discovered that it is a Hungarian Puli Sheep Dog, in case you wanted to know.
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Strangely (to me, anyhow), the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing only provided me with Microsoft Word templates rather than LaTeX ones. Most academic conferences I've attended provide both (or only LaTeX), and I greatly prefer to lay things out in LaTeX for reasons too numerous to list.

So just in case anyone else is looking for it, here's a brief "template" using the measurements I got out of the .doc file. Feel free to use and edit as necessary.




\large{\textbf{Author Name}}\\
address \\
address \\

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Aenean id felis purus. Duis dictum euismod ultrices. Vestibulum tempus congue turpis, non vulputate tortor gravida ut. Fusce venenatis eleifend libero, nec egestas sapien aliquet accumsan. Quisque risus nunc, fermentum at interdum vitae, fringilla at augue. Phasellus libero nisl, porttitor vitae convallis vitae, rutrum ut purus. Fusce sit am
et urna odio, ut auctor urna. Pellentesque at dolor ac enim adipiscing interdum
ut vel metus. Class aptent taciti sociosqu ad litora torquent per conubia nostra, per inceptos himenaeos. Proin et convallis erat. Mauris eu elit et mauris dignissim molestie. Nulla diam massa, mattis ornare blandit vel, fermentum ut odio. Nunc facilisis massa molestie felis faucibus pulvinar.

Nam euismod nunc sem. Integer vulputate nunc vitae risus sagittis et convallis dolor pulvinar. Donec eleifend elit nec urna consequat ut facilisis leo sollicitudin. Proin erat sapien, dictum eu adipiscing eget, ullamcorper in orci. Mauris erat urna, ultricies lobortis gravida sit amet, consequat sit amet lacus. Duis dapibus pretium elit, a pharetra tortor cursus nec. Vestibulum ac orci quam, id luctus mauris. Vestibulum id dolor non lacus dictum adipiscing dapibus vitae purus. Curabitur nibh elit, sodales vitae ullamcorper egestas, faucibus non nulla. Nu
llam id ante nibh. Suspendisse ornare tincidunt sem, eget tincidunt massa rhoncus sed. Fusce nec orci lacus. Cras et est purus.


The bibliography info is left as an exercise to the reader (as in, I haven't done it yet)


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