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Apparently Twittinesis, which I'd been using to export tweets to my macro-microblog, is dead. Actually, it has been for over a month, but I've been busy and didn't bother to sort it out 'till today.

I've switched to using Loudtwitter (which was dead and is now resurrected?) and I think I have it working now. I have a feeling I'll be looking for another solution for archiving tweets soon, though. Suggestions appreciated, but I won't be able to follow up on any of them for a while!
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Can anyone here recommend good applications that work with Dreamwidth?

I'd like to write posts without using my web browser since I tend to crash/close/abuse my web browser a lot. Recall: I'm a web security researcher, so this is part of my job and not something I can just avoid. I use multiple browsers to offset some of the issues, but I'm still stuck with problems like the fact that you can't ^Z undo in the default dreamwidth posting thing (what is with that, anyhow? Has it been reported as a bug?)

I'm currently using iJournal, but it leaves some to be desired because I can't have multiple posts open at once.

Suggestions for better ways to post that aren't necessarily desktop applications are also welcome!

Edit: On a related note, if you're still looking for dreamwidth codes to try this out, there seem to be a bunch here.
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Livejournal was either down or stupidly slow and broken a lot this weekend. And that reminded me that the nice people at Dreamwidth gave me a couple of codes to share! So if you're looking to try out Dreamwidth, here's two links with my codes in them:


It's a great little blogging/community platform, a neat open source project with lots of female developers, a cool way to aggregate all the blogs you read into one reading page, and if you have an account you can friend me and maybe gain access to my private posts, which this week lets you learn about how some dude tried to attack my patriotism... for America! (Recall: I'm Canadian.)

Seriously, if you have any interest, they do give out codes semi-regularly, so don't feel bad about using one. :) I'd rather they get used than languish in my list!

Edit: Both seem to have been used! If you're a friend who wants a code, contact me because I think I have some on the account I use for twitter archiving, but I'm too lazy to go find them right now.
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You can now get an aggregation of my daily twitter posts by subscribing to [personal profile] tko . I thought it was funny to use my shortened name for the shortened blogging. Also, I actually hate reading aggregated twitter posts in people's blogs, so I didn't want it sent to my regular blog in case people felt the same way as I do.

If I hate reading it, why did I set this up? Well, I've been telling myself for years now that I'd figure out a way to back up my twitter feed, but I never seem to get around to it. However, I have a perfectly nice way to backup my dreamwidth posts that I have all automated so I don't have to think about it. So click click, a new journal and a subscription to a service, and I've solved my twitter backup problem at least for the new posts.  

Fun usability enhancement: My friend Valerie actually had to go searching through my twitter feed to find some links I'd posted on a given day (because I was tweeting recommended reading from Barbara Liskov's talk at GHC10). This is a pain through twitter's regular web interface, but nice and easy using a dreamwidth calendar. Woo!

I obviously won't feel offended if you don't subscribe, but it's there if you want it!

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With me doing new research and starting in on the job hunt, it occurs to me that I might like to blog about things that might be indiscreet to talk about publicly (especially unpublished research results!) so if you're interested in hearing the nitty gritty of how my interviews and experiments are going, now's a great time to make sure you can read the posts. To do this, you need to set up an account (either a regular dreamwidth account or one using openid) and leave me a note saying who you are and that you'd like access (or just subscribe to my journal -- I can usually figure it out).

Conveniently, the fine folk at dreamwidth have given out more invite codes, so here's some links if you'd like to set up an account here (if one doesn't work, move on to the next!):

  5. Code FWJAB922KZ863AAAKWZF

Generally speaking, my private posts aren't really uber-private, so don't feel you need to have known me forever or anything -- new friends from GHC are welcome!

Edit: put up some more codes since 4/5 have been used!


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