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I was sitting next to Jay when he got all excited about this, and to be fair, it is pretty cool: Bokeh Tricks in Scott Pilgrim. Very subtle but amazing when you notice, and I'm glad he pointed it out to me during the film.

If you haven't seen Scott Pilgrim, you should. It's such an amazingly seamless blend of romantic comedy, video games, and Toronto hipsters. ;) No, seriously, that might make it sound a little ridiculous (eww, Toronto hipsters ;) ), but it's actually incredibly fun and adorable. And Canadian, in a cute sort of way. And the ridiculous comic book effects just *work* instead of being jarring. Amazing what you can do with some text overlays and actors who are willing to really sell their indie comic book roles. The facial expressions alone in this movie told quite the story: none of that nonsense where the actress is supposed to be showing deep emotion and instead looks like she's channelling a cow chewing its cud (I'm looking at you, Jane Eyre.) I was shocked and amazed at how well the books translated into a movie -- it's one of those rare times where I think they really nailed it.

What I'm getting at is that I loved it, and I think you should go see it, because it is fun. :)


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