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Well, we'll see how happy we are by the time things are done, but we can hope for positive political change, right? (Canadians: Don't forget to vote today!)

For your election day amusement, even those of you who haven't a clue about Canadian politics, here's a pair of goofy links. The first one tells you about what our current prime minister, Stephen Harper, has done: http://shitharperdid.ca/. Here's a sample item:

There are just some facts about Canadians that Stephen Harper doesn't need to know. For instance, most of them.

The census is how our government determines the state and needs of the country. Harper tried to secretly eliminate the long form census so that he could quite literally make uninformed decisions.

Read about it in The Hill Times...

And the more irreverant but loving take-off on this model is http://shitmaydid.com/ about the leader of our Green Party (which has little official political clout in Canada since they have no seats, but does a shockingly good job of keeping their issues in the public eye).

Elizabeth once made the Billboard 100 for her hit rockabilly anthem: “Less Honk, More Tonk!”

Well, no. But she did make Newsweek’s 2010 list of most influential women in their Women in Leadership series.

Or perhaps you want something more hippie?

Elizabeth rewrote Beowolf, the Illiad, and the 1994 Guinness Book of World Records into the unspoken tongue of the sacred forest.

Sort of… She has actually written seven books, though none have been translated into the unspoken tongue of the sacred forest... yet.

I am amused. Will head out to vote in an hour or two or whenever the rain seems to be letting up a bit. I won't be voting for either of these party leaders, but I thank them for providing some amusement on a dreary election day.


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