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I have this great fan. I got it at a garage sale. It was originally $10, then marked down to $5, but when the guy tried to sell it to me I pretty much said "that thing's made out of metal and probably weighs a ton -- I don't want to carry it" and he said "two dollars?" at which point my dad said he'd carry it, so the deal was done. Or maybe Dad negotiated him down to one dollar first. My dad is an excellent negotiator of yard sales, and also totally rocks for being willing to carry a big fan for his adult daughter. (It's not the only thing he's carried for me at yard sales, either -- a heavy grill was probably the worst one. I carried the bean bag chair myself, though!)

Anyhow, I love the fan. It's great for airing out the bathroom after a shower, or the kitchen after bits of dinner decide to jump for freedom in the bottom of the oven. It moves lots of air, which seems like it should be standard for fans but apparently isn't standard on modern wimpy fans. My fan is super macho and made of metal with sharp edges. It could eat little plastic fans for lunch.

Unfortunately, it also eats my bare legs for lunch during the summer, because it has sharp metal corners:

I've made some attempts to solve this problem in the past using foam and tape. It has not been overly effective:

So I was really excited when I picked up some sugru. Sugru is kinda like adult project play-doh that dries kinda rubbery and useful instead of hard and crumbly. It seemed like the perfect solution to Danger Fan.

The first problem, though, was that those corners are really gooey and one still has foam on it:

I started with soap and water and a cloth, cursing myself for not having my father's favourite cleaning solution on hand: isopropyl alcohol. But then I remembered that I had a bottle of whiteboard cleaner, which is pretty much just watered down isopropynol. Score! (Lens cleaner fluid would have worked too.) Dad used to clean all sorts of things with isopropyl alcohol, and he says nothing works nearly as well on disgusting tape residue. So a few spritzes, a little waiting, and I was soon rolling the tape goo off without any problem. All clean for my sugru!

I opened up a tiny little pack, and divided it into five -- four for the corners of the fan, plus a little bit extra for another hack that I'll talk about later.

And here's the fan, made safe for bare legs and delicate clothing!

My fan is still totally hardcore, but in a much more considerate and attractive way. Woo!


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