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I put up a big post at Web Insecurity detailing my presentation at W2SP yesterday.

No Website Left Behind: Are We Making Web Security Only For The Elite?

Here's some choice slides, but you should really check out the whole presentation, or read the paper! (It's only 4 pages long and should be pretty readable even for non-academics.)

Here's 9 slides to give you an idea (in theory this should be a nice square display, but if you're not viewing this post on dreamwidth it might not be.)

w2sp: Slide 0: No Web Site Left Behind: Are we making web security only for the elite?w2sp: Slide 1: Page Creators are not all Programmersw2sp: Slide 4: Professional web page creators often have artistic backgrounds
w2sp: Slide 6: Web Security is for Programmersw2sp: Slide 11: Tainting (Fix The Code)w2sp: Slide 16: Non-Programmers still need Security
w2sp: Slide 17: The Web is a Targetw2sp: Slide 19: So... Now What?w2sp: Slide 20: Security costs may outweigh risks
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Wrote this post for Web Insecurity on the weekend and scheduled it for Monday... But on Monday I was busy drinking water and getting ready to donate blood, so I never posted something here. Oops.

The advertising social contract vs malvertisements: how can online advertisers earn your eyes?

It's mostly musing about how ad blocking actually makes you safer while web browsing, and whether advertisers will wind up rising to this challenge by giving us ads that are worth unblocking or ads that go beyond banners. I gave up my TV years ago, and I still have people telling me about great TV advertisements I missed. Very few people tell me about banner ads I missed. And I think the last time was those Evony ads which is an entirely different category of "you've got to see this!"

In other web security related news, or perhaps Terri-in-web-security related news, I found out last night that my W2SP talk has to be 5-10 minutes long rather than the 15-20 I expected. This presents a challenge, but I can rise to it. Just not in time to do a practice run at 3pm today as I'd planned. I actually have under 10 minute slides from my presentation the week before last, but I skipped some stuff in that talk that I need to put in to the final one, so we'll see how that goes.

Anyhow, if you're curious here's the W2SP schedule -- Apparently there's still space in the workshop if you're in the bay area and interested in attending a web security workshop next week.


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