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Looking at my twitter feed, it seems I spent my holiday with my grandmother's dog, so here's a picture:

2012-12-26 12.25.55

I've been having a lovely time with my parents and Buster the dog, all of whom like long walks in the local woods. My fitbit tells me their standard afternoon walk is just shy of 3 miles, which is still more meaningful to my not entirely metric parents than it is to me, but I'm slowly learning distances in imperial from living in the US. I spent the first few days in self-quarantine since John had finally infected me with the cold/flu he caught on the way back from St. Lucia, but to be honest all I did was sneeze on a TSA agent or two, have one miserable night when I arrived and then my immune system squashed it. Yeay immune systems! So I spent a few quiet reading and walking days that I probably didn't have to do to avoid being a disease vector, but it was lovely to read and walk and enjoy the local trails.

2012-12-24 12.02.55

The next few days will be a bit more chaotic as I try to meet up with people while I'm in town. If you want to get on the list, let me know! My old canadian cell # is active if you want to get in touch, and I'll be in town 'till the 7th minus a few days at new year's as usual.

Out for a walk in the woods
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