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Congratulations to all 36 of Python's students and our many mentors; everyone passed midterms and will be continuing for the second half of the summer!

The midterms wrapped up while I was still recovering from surgery, so I've only just this week started going through the midterm reports submitted by students and mentors. It's a real treat to hear stories from students about how helpful their mentors and communities have been, how they've been able to bring perspective to hard problems and help students reshape their ideas and learn. The mentors have told stories about students who were clever, thought deeply about problems, and willing to adapt to work better with their communities.

I'm really looking forwards to seeing what our students produce in the second half of the summer! If you're curious, don't forget that you can check out the aggregated blogs from all of Python's GSoC students. And students, don't forget that though we took some time off so everyone could work on midterms, we're now in week 8, which means you should have another blog post up by Monday, August 12.
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