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2009-08-20 03:07 pm
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Geek Feminism

The excellent [personal profile] damned_colonial invited me to participate in the new Geek Feminism blog and it's been a ball thus far. You mean I get more excuse to interact with smart, sassy, feminist folk? Sign me up!

I haven't quite decided how to cross-post or whatever, so I'll give you a teaser here for one of my posts, entitled An “ass” out of “u” and “me”:

I’m off-white, so I’m used to people assuming rather strange things about me. The big one I am forever explaining is that no, I really am Canadian. Yes, that’s where I’m really from. That’s where my ancestors are from too.

But the weirdest assumption I ever encountered was that because I was a girl, I would somehow know something about computer usability.

(Read the rest here)

Also from me was a straight up cross-post of my entry about my good experience at PAX (and my bad experiences elsewhere), and a remix entitled Want more women in open source? Try paying them..

Perhaps the funniest thing I've seen going is the comment thread on Where are all the men bloggers? For those who aren't familiar with the sort of comment threads women have to wade through regularly on any post mentioning women in blogging/fandom/tech/politics/etc, most of the comments in there are basically stuff we've heard before with the genders reversed. It's both hilarious and offensive depending upon how you read it, as much satire is.

Go visit Geek Feminism for more interesting stuff. And those of you on dreamwidth can subscribe to [syndicated profile] geekfeminism_feed too.
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2009-08-20 04:17 pm
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me me me me me!

Posting about my new gig blogging for the Geek Feminism blog reminded me that it's been a while since I let people know some of the other places to find me, so for the record, here's some places I update regularly:

  • There's my personal web page and my academic web page, which are mostly updated with new publications, presentations, and photos.
  • I write for the Geek Feminism blog.
  • I write for the CU-WISE blog, run by my local Women in Science and Engineering group, which is full of cool young women. We do a lot of social/academic activities at the university, as well as outreach such going to talk to Girls@VV and, yesterday, the IBM EXITE camp.
  • I have another personal/research blog over at WebInsecurity.net although I admit, it hasn't seen much use lately because I've been taking all that writing and putting it directly to the thesis.
  • I'm terriko on twitter
  • There's always my flickr stream -- I only post a few photos here, but I upload stuff constantly.
  • And I'm also terriko at LibraryThing. Which reminds me that I should really review this fantastic little book I read on the weekend called Princess Ben...

So there you go, more Terri links than anyone really needs all in one handy post. :)