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2010-10-17 01:42 am
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Sometimes, I do not appreciate games.

But I *do* appreciate the folk with whom I game:

P: Wow, this quest is... questionable.
P: Seriously, they're asking me to torture some dude? I'm not undead, man.
P: Or, you know, American.
K: They're the new poop quest. there's a few of them.
P: poop isn't morally abhorrent in quite the same way as torture is.
K: True, I'm just saying they replaced the poop quests from bc with torture quests.
P: I'd rather poop.
P: also, this quest is teaching you that you should rely on information gained by torture: something we know in the real world to be rather false.
P: so it's morally questionable on extra levels!
K: yah, i was thinking that the guys should give false information at least once.
P: I think I should get some xp for just saying no and walking away from the rest of this quest line, personally.
K: but we're not americans. it works for them all the time apparently.
P: it works on 24, so it MUST be true!
K: That's the spirit!

This is a big game, and in the past I've just skipped quest lines I didn't like. But at this level, it seems like I can't easily just skip all the quests I find objectionable because there are too many of them and not enough else for me to do instead. And my buddy K there has confirmed that I'm going to be hitting this again and again. Seriously?

All I wanted was half an hour to relax and hide from the noise of my dishwasher using headphones and a game.

Instead, I got a horrific reminder of what people think is appropriate in games. It's the stuff like this, where it doesn't even seem like they meant to shock me, that hurt the most.