Jan. 20th, 2011

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Ah, teen vampire smut. Only it's not very smutty because it's written for teens. To be honest, the limited smut is one of the reasons I enjoy books written for teens so much (sometimes I just don't want every other character to snog, sorry).

Glass Houses by Rachel Caine

Twitter-sized review: Can Rachel Caine's pageturner author skills make it worth reading yet another teen vampire novel? Apparently yes.

Longer notes: I've been thoroughly enjoying Rachel Caine's Weather Warden series, which is pretty pulpy and sometimes frustrating, but usually a wild ride of sexy djin and superpowered humans fighting to keep natural disasters at bay. I figured I'd give her young adult series a try, and it fits a similar niche: if you stop and think about it maybe the story's pretty unbelievable, but she can keep you flying along through the pages quickly enough that you're just enjoying it and not thinking too hard. I didn't find myself as compelled by the premise of Morganville (young student starts college in Morganville but gradually finds out that the town is run by vampires) as I was by Weather Warden (Earth is being protected by a set people who have powers over weather, earth or fire), but it was enjoyable all the same. And thankfully, her vampires are more scary than sexy, which is my usual preference on such matters.

Not as compelling or unusual as The Better Part of Darkness if you have to choose just one, but good enough that I've ordered the next.
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Another post up at Geek Feminism: Women in modern games: WoW Cataclysm has some pretty cool women in it. Let’s hope for a trend!

We've filled a lot of linkspams with discussion of negative reviews of World of Warcraft from the feminist perspective. While I still think "I KILL THINGS WITH MY LADYBITS" may be the best description of fantasy art I've ever read, it does get tiresome hearing again and again how dubious the gaming industry's attitude towards women can be. (Not because that's the wrong impression, but because it's so bloody obvious at times that it hurts to be reminded.) So I was really happy to see Now that’s what I’m talking about: the women of Cataclysm (Alliance edition). It's nice to see Blizzard improving upon their often problematic depictions of women.

Read on for more about one of the WoW ladies and one female character who surprised me.


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