Jun. 5th, 2013

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The thing with steam sales is that while the game itself may be $5, my penchant for buying copies for everyone who I might want to play with adds up... to another $20.

Okay, I guess I can live with that. ;) It's awesome being an adult with disposable income to spare!

The game in question was, incidentally, a Dungeon Siege pack (It's on sale for another 15 mins or so). My sister and I enjoyed the first two games in part because if you set yourself to follow another player, it treated you as a minion and basically played the game for you. Many people thought this was a bad thing, but Susan and I thought it was awfully convenient for the purpose of getting a cookie. The 3rd game got such terrible reviews that we never bought it, but... $5! For all 3 plus an expansion! Even if it just saves me finding the discs for my copies of the 1st two games, I'm willing to pay that. And let's be honest, we even kind of thought the dubious Dungeon Siege movie was fun, so we'll get $5 worth of enjoyment out #3 of this one way or another.


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