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I'm running a Birds of a Feather session about attracting more women to open source software at the Linux Symposium tomorrow (err, today. Weds, July 15th, 3pm).

Thus far, I have seen a grand total of two other women at the conference. Probably my fault due to my staying on "hallway track" mostly, but even so. (Hallway track = sitting around chatting with people in the hallway rather than attending sessions. I failed to signup in advance for the tutorials so I've been taking a couple of great social-geek days.)

I'm really hoping I'll see a few more women out and about tomorrow. But even if not, it should be interesting. Last year, I blew a few people's minds by talking about the death threats against Debian women (and others. Lucky me -- I've gotten one of those death threats since last year! *sigh*) I've got some good stories and some bad stories to talk about, and hopefully they'll stimulate some good discussion. If I can at least make sure a few people are aware that there are issues, then I'll count this as a win, but it'd be even better if we could actually find some ways to help solve the problem!

So here's hoping for some great new ideas, and an interesting session!


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