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The Ada Initiative

One last blog post for today, I promise!

The Ada Initiative Seed 100 campaign: donate in June to support women in open technology and culture

Donate to the Ada Initiative’s Seed 100 campaign to support women in open tech and culture!

I've been completely remiss in mentioning this. (I blame thesis, as usual.) My friends Mary and Valerie have started the Ada Initiative to support women in open technology and culture, and they're looking for a few more donors to round out their initial funding round.

I regret that right now I don't have money to support them financially or time to be a bigger part of what they're building, but what I can do right now is tell you why those of you who can donate should do so.

Some of you may already know one or both of them. If you don't, you should know that Valerie and Mary are both awesome at getting things done.

When Mary was running Linuxchix, not only did she keep things in basic working order, but she also had a great vision for driving things ahead and doing more. While the new coordinators have done a good job of keeping things going, I'm really sad that when she left we lost that extra push to go beyond our original mission. After a women-in-tech BoF Valerie organized (and I attended) at the Linux Symposium, she went on to write the HOWTO Encourage Women in Linux, making sure that the things we'd discussed could be brought to a wider audience. They go beyond the level of keeping afloat as non-stereotypical geek, and towards making things better.

There's a lot of frustrating things that come up as a geeky woman, some big, some small. I'm trying to do my part by writing for geek feminism and bringing attention both to the good and bad. But Valerie and Mary believe they could have an even bigger impact on the problems if they worked on this full time rather than relying on all of us already busy people to work that second shift.

These are women who can recruit teams of top-notch volunteers, build networks, and seriously make a difference in the world, so if you're interested in supporting women in open tech and culture and want to know your dollar's going to have an impact, The Ada Initiative is a great cause.