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Web Insecurity: Will privacy issues herald the end for Facebook?

New post up at Web Insecurity: Will privacy issues herald the end for Facebook?

We're starting to see suggestions that the facebook ecosystem actually could collapse, not just that some tech people wish it would.


The question for Facebook is "at what point will enough people leave?" and the answer right now may be, "when they have somewhere else to go." And that next big thing may have to provide some pretty strong privacy guarantees to woo over enough audience.

As usual, Facebook fascinates me as a social statement, as much as it horrifies me as a security person. But seriously, when the facebook games are talking jumping ship and students are saying that facebook is uncool, we might have to accept that this boat isn't going to float much longer. And for those who haven't heard, the new pretender to the throne is Diaspora although I admit I haven't looked at it seriously.
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Poked at Diaspora. Looks interesting, but I'm skeptical about ease of use vs security. Massively skeptical.

We'll just have to see what happens in a few months time. :-) I'll be happy to go there and try it out.

I think the story with Facebook is actually that the people who are making noises about privacy do sometimes leave, but the vast majority on Facebook I suspect simply accept that anything on Facebook is public information.

The whole point of it is to be a gossip system, and privacy and security really just gets in the way of that.