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I'm back from PAX. I'm taking today off for recovery and important errands like groceries so that I can eat for the week. Since finishing my library books is part of my travel recovery plan, I figured blogging could be part of it too.

As expected, the conference was good fun. My team of 4 raised over $300 for child's play, which makes me think that maybe I should consider doing a cookie fundraiser at the university or something. I doubt I'd raise as much since students are poor, but it might still be worthwhile to turn $20 worth of cookies into a larger donation for sick kids.

Anyhow speculation aside, it looks like the Cookie Brigade as a whole managed around $5000, so go us!

Cosplaying went incredibly well. It was a first time for both me and Susan, and we had a great experience. Somewhat surprisingly, it seemed that the majority of people figured out the Bubble Bobble costumes (which got a lot of attention. Yes, that's us on Kotaku. They also mentioned us for mad props on the first cosplay roundup post. Awesome!) and the people who counted got the Guybrush/Elaine ones (yes, that link is to Telltale Games' twitpic -- how cool is that?)

Here's a couple of pictures I had John take of us:

Bubble Bobble (in front of some glass baubles):
Bubble Bobble

And here's one of us with the voice actor for Guybrush, Dominic Amato (who is a totally awesome guy, and he even had lunch with us later that day!):
Elaine, Guybrush, and Guybrush

Looking forwards to telling my billion little stories of other awesomeness later, but that's all you get for now!
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