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It's a sad, sad statement about the tropes of urban fantasy that Seanan McGuire's "No, I will not rape my characters. Ever." statement makes me want to Read All The Books. I mean, I was a casual fan before, but knowing that they'll be staying rape-free? This is actually a huge selling point for me.

I don't suppose anyone else wants to recommend any other good rape-free modern fantasy?
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I submitted my thesis!

My defence date is set for October 14th at 9:30am, which is going to hurt a little since I'm currently 2h shifted, but I'll have been back for a week then so I should have time to adjust.

I have a computer at work! And access to stuff on other systems! And things to learn! And have already been watching totally inappropriate videos with my new labmates and got invited to play League of Legends with them once I have it set up. ;)

And then I came home, had dinner, and wrote about my little ponies. Learn about how My Little Ponies helped me make my first "videogame" and then read the interview with Lauren Faust to find out how Michael Bay helped bring us a show for girls worth watching (wait, what?):

OMG, Ponies! (Or… my love affair with My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic)

I always thought my friend Sarah summed up the appeal of My Little Pony the best:

Once you believe in rainbow-coloured ponies who can talk, there isn’t much limit to your imagination.

PS - for those who haven't been reading my private posts, take special note of my new "Serious Academic" icon. ;)

PPS - I may be more myself again with a break in the thesis grind.

PPPS - Also, I might have internet at home come Monday! And John might manage to visit! Everything is awesome!
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Bunch of posts elsewhere:

Web Insecurity: Free Wordpress themes considered harmful

It's illegal in many places to compromise someone's site to force them to serve up spammy links. But it's not illegal to put them in a Wordpress theme and then offer it for free...

Web Insecurity: To whom are you confessing?

The Catholic church has given its blessing to a new iPhone app that helps you prepare for confession. The Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada isn't so sure they'd approve it, though, pointing out the the developer collects a lot of information and doesn't provide a policy about how it will be used.

Geek Feminism: “How could they not have known?!”

A post about how our male compatriots are often floored by the sort of sexism women deal with daily. Also about FatUglyorSlutty.com, troll visualizations, and ...

*grin* In that post, I wrote "my male gamer buddies don’t have people freaking out or getting, er, excited when they speak on voice chat" and it took some effort to resist adding "but some of them should. Yum." Seriously, some of my gaming buddies have incredibly sexy voices and on the entirely too rare occasion when one of them sings on teamspeak... mmm...

I know, TMI, but I've wanted to brag about my hot gamer guys all day. ;)
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Trigger warning for... well, mostly for just being gross, but this is an analogy for an argument regarding rape "humour."

A number of commenters on my last GF post seem to believe that "It's funny" is a defense for doing anything you like in a public space, so I'm working on an analogy for why it isn't:

You may be familiar with the over-the-top gross-out humour of Team America: World Police. For many people, this is an incredibly funny movie. For the friend I was sitting next to, one of the best scenes seemed to be one where one of the characters starts throwing up copiously. After heaving many times his own body weight worth of fluid, the scene ends with him lying in a pool of vomit in an alley.

Let's suppose you've gone to a job interview, and it turns out one of the guys interviewing you is a big Team America fan, and he decides to re-enact said scene while showing you around the office. You turn to ask him a question, and he starts vomiting in your face. Maybe after a few minutes of vomiting, you realise that he's re-enacting a scene. Does that make it funny? Or are you busy wondering how much it's going to cost to clean vomit out of your suit and hoping that you haven't just contracted a very serious disease? Sure, he and his like minded co-workers might get a huge laugh over the look on your face, but you're probably not going to think it's funny. And neither is the CEO who hand you're supposed to shake next on the tour. Maybe you'll find it a funny story to tell later, but not right now.

Funny is very context-dependent. "It's funny" does not imply "it's appropriate." In fact, sometimes quite the opposite.

Edit for feed readers who are missing the first comment/punchline:

However, if you really want to keep making this argument, we can find someone incredibly ill to vomit on you. Because that would be funny.
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Another post up at Geek Feminism: Women in modern games: WoW Cataclysm has some pretty cool women in it. Let’s hope for a trend!

We've filled a lot of linkspams with discussion of negative reviews of World of Warcraft from the feminist perspective. While I still think "I KILL THINGS WITH MY LADYBITS" may be the best description of fantasy art I've ever read, it does get tiresome hearing again and again how dubious the gaming industry's attitude towards women can be. (Not because that's the wrong impression, but because it's so bloody obvious at times that it hurts to be reminded.) So I was really happy to see Now that’s what I’m talking about: the women of Cataclysm (Alliance edition). It's nice to see Blizzard improving upon their often problematic depictions of women.

Read on for more about one of the WoW ladies and one female character who surprised me.
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