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FYI: Google summer of code emails from midterms are being re-sent right now due to a bug in melange. It's safe to ignore these. These ARE NOT typoed final evaluation emails: final evaluations close in an hour and Google will be sending those emails on Oct 1st.

(Edit: Apparently the final eval emails went out early too, so you may have the correct emails now, a few days early by Google's original schedule. Congrats and condolences to all!)
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Congratulations to all 36 of Python's students and our many mentors; everyone passed midterms and will be continuing for the second half of the summer!

The midterms wrapped up while I was still recovering from surgery, so I've only just this week started going through the midterm reports submitted by students and mentors. It's a real treat to hear stories from students about how helpful their mentors and communities have been, how they've been able to bring perspective to hard problems and help students reshape their ideas and learn. The mentors have told stories about students who were clever, thought deeply about problems, and willing to adapt to work better with their communities.

I'm really looking forwards to seeing what our students produce in the second half of the summer! If you're curious, don't forget that you can check out the aggregated blogs from all of Python's GSoC students. And students, don't forget that though we took some time off so everyone could work on midterms, we're now in week 8, which means you should have another blog post up by Monday, August 12.
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The Google Summer of Code students working under the Python umbrella are required to blog about their work over the summer, at least bi-weekly. It helps me keep track of how the students are doing, and hopefully helps their mentors keep track as well. I've just emailed a bunch of folk whose blog posts for the first two weeks are now late, and I included the following list of questions to get them thinking about what to write:

1. What have you accomplished the past two weeks (list specific items accomplished)?
2. What issues or roadblocks have you encountered the past two weeks?
3. Have they been resolved, and if so, how?
4. Do any of the issues or roadblocks still exist and what steps have been taken to resolve them?
5. Is further assistance necessary to resolve existing issues?
6. What do you plan to accomplish in the next two weeks?
7. How does your progress compare to your project schedule?

This list is the one that Systers uses for their required weekly status updates, and it's one that I've found very useful as a guide even for my own status updates at my day job. So I figured I'd post it here in case any of you are stumped on what to include in your next status update!
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Just a reminder for all the Python Software Foundation Google summer of code students. You are required to blog, and although I've given you two weeks to settle in, you need to have at least one blog post written by today if you're hoping to pass this term. You've got a few hours before I start reading and sending emails cc'ing your mentors, so if you haven't started yet, hop to it!
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One of the things that Python asks of all students under our "umbrella" is that they blog regularly about their projects. This helps me keep track of how all the students are doing, and helps advertise the interesting work they'll be doing to a larger community. I've set up a blog aggregator here for Python's Summer of Code Updates and you can see that folk are already talking about their projects as they settle in.

Coding starts June 17th. Here's to a great summer!
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