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The snow is gone at this point (now it's all "risk of flooding" and "high winds" out here), but I thought I'd share a photo from last weekend:

Photogenic Mailbox in snow

This mailbox has a little spotlight above it (presumably so people don't drive into it or so that the mail carrier can find it), which always amuses me. I personally refer to it as "photogenic mailbox" because of the spotlight. Photogenic mailbox is apparently also photogenic in the snow, not just the dark.

I imagine I'll use photogenic mailbox in a presentation about GNU Mailman, someday!

Note: you can actually see the spotlight, or evidence of it, if you look at the photo carefully. I should have photoshopped that out, but it turns out photoshop was installed on the hard drive that died, so I haven't sorted that out and gotten it re-installed yet.
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I imagine I took these before/after shots to showcase some product, but I'm no longer sure what it was:


I'm guessing maybe it was the lip colour? It looks like I'm probably wearing some blend made with one of the obsessive compulsive cosmetics lip tar sets from sephora (A discontinued set I got on sale, but here's a superficially similar set with different colours). It's entirely possible that I was trying out the Chella pencil of my previous review, but as I said in that review, the thing is so subtle that it's hard to find in a still photo (which might explain their resorting to photographic trickery rather than a true product demo).

I am a bit concerned about the orange-yellow cast in the second photo: I'm pretty sure it's a light thing, but it's possible that my current tinted moisturizer/sunscreen doesn't match my increasingly paler skin since moving out of the desert. I guess I'll go let makeup experts colour match me sometime when I'm at the mall.

Aaaanyhow, nitpicking aside, I'm posting this to show a before/after that, to the best of my ability, does not use any photo tricks to make me look better in one photo than the other; it's just a change of makeup (and possibly some light, since it's an hour later by the time I got around to doing the 2nd photo and it is sunlight). I do cheat a bit with the smile, I suppose, but I have a few unsmiling ones and it doesn't make that much difference. Do feel free to compare with the before/after I complain about in November's review.
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So, remember that "Karuna Clarifying Treatment Mask" that I really really hated? I just found the photos I took and while they're all creepy, this is too hilarious not to share:


I believe that expression fully captures the horror I felt while using this product. MY FACE IS MELTING.

Edit: Since I crafted this much shorter version of the review for a friend on FB, I think I should share it with the class here as well:

The Karuna Clarifying Treatement Mask hurt like burning, dripped everywhere, and was generally awful. It did make my face very soft, but I think that was due to the fact that it may have been slowly eating it. I'm pretty sure it is made of facehugger digestive juices.


Jan. 6th, 2014 12:43 am
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Went for a hike today. This was at the top of the hill we climbed:

Definitely a day for "OMG, I can't believe we live here now" moments. I left a cold snap behind in Ottawa, and came to a land of moss and... well, okay, it's still below freezing, but not quite so far below.

Also, look, new year, new camera, new computer to handle processing! I've got a huge backlog but for now, I'm just going to go like I've declared photo bankruptcy and start trying to keep up with the new. Today, however, the setup took long enough that I'll be stopping at 2 photos (for my AAW submissions) so that I actually get some sleep before work tomorrow.
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I should write up a proper trip report with pictures and stuff, but as it's nearly midnight and I don't want my sleeping patterns to stay on California time, you get some short highlights:

1. The conference itself was awesome. Recall: I attended the sprints last year but not the main conference, so while I had high hopes I didn't know that the content would be so good. I attended a lot of great talks and no doubt missed quite a few as well. I'll be making heavy use of the conference recordings over the next little while, I expect.

2. I am really excited about my free raspberry pi. While I know lots of folk who frequently get given cool toys and told to go hack them, this is the first time someone has gifted me with such an item/mission, and it feels great. I haven't figured out what I'm going to do yet, but there was this great talk about hooking one up to a $300 CNC machine, and another great one about home automation that could be useful...

3. The sprints were super-productive! You can see our todo/completed/waiting list here if you want the nitty gritty. I'd been joking earlier to anyone who asked that we were totally going to release by Friday, and while we didn't do that, we *are* very close and you should all expect a beta release of postorius + Mailman 3 very soon. I can't wait to show it off!

4. Perhaps later I'll do up the stats on exactly what I was doing to our repository, but I should tell you that not only did I make plenty of my own code commits, but I also got to merge code from new contributors. This was totally my favourite part, seeing new folk get their code accepted and in the main tree. And it wasn't just the people who were physically at the sprints with us: I also merged code from people contributing remotely, most of whom are prospective GSoC students. Way to impress me, students!

5. I got to talk to a bunch of people about GSoC. I do this all the time by email, but it was especially fun to talk to folk in person about what's involved, why it's awesome, how to be good at it, and why they should sign up.

6. And post-con, I got a few days to catch up with friends in the area and visit the Japanese Tea Gardens in Golden Gate Park, which I've wanted to do ever since I read Seanan Mcguire's October Daye books. As I processed a few photos for this week's assignment, you get one here:

1/400s of meditation in a tea garden

And with that, midnight has rung and it's bedtime. I have a long week of catch-up ahead of me at work, but expect some more pycon / mailman / gsoc posts out of me over the next little while as I internalize all the things I've been thinking about this past week.


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