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I imagine I took these before/after shots to showcase some product, but I'm no longer sure what it was:


I'm guessing maybe it was the lip colour? It looks like I'm probably wearing some blend made with one of the obsessive compulsive cosmetics lip tar sets from sephora (A discontinued set I got on sale, but here's a superficially similar set with different colours). It's entirely possible that I was trying out the Chella pencil of my previous review, but as I said in that review, the thing is so subtle that it's hard to find in a still photo (which might explain their resorting to photographic trickery rather than a true product demo).

I am a bit concerned about the orange-yellow cast in the second photo: I'm pretty sure it's a light thing, but it's possible that my current tinted moisturizer/sunscreen doesn't match my increasingly paler skin since moving out of the desert. I guess I'll go let makeup experts colour match me sometime when I'm at the mall.

Aaaanyhow, nitpicking aside, I'm posting this to show a before/after that, to the best of my ability, does not use any photo tricks to make me look better in one photo than the other; it's just a change of makeup (and possibly some light, since it's an hour later by the time I got around to doing the 2nd photo and it is sunlight). I do cheat a bit with the smile, I suppose, but I have a few unsmiling ones and it doesn't make that much difference. Do feel free to compare with the before/after I complain about in November's review.
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