Jun. 8th, 2011

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Catching up on some old news of me and mine:

My grandmother now has a $4k dog, or thereabouts. What should have been minor surgery for a weird skin tag above Buster's eye turned into a dental disaster as they pulled a bunch of his teeth and broke his jaw. Ow! Poor puppy! And thank goodness my grandmother can comfortably afford a big vet bill so it wasn't a problem on her end.

He's recovering well and seems to be dealing ok with having a cracked jaw, but can't have his chew toys or hard snackers while his jaw heals. Buster was unimpressed by the sock he was allowed to play with, and the poor dog didn't understand why he couldn't have his regular treats. Grandma baked him special soft biscuits, but apparently while he enjoyed them he still whined for his usual... so they hit upon the idea of soaking his snackers in water so soften them up. My mom and grandmother call these "soggers" and they're totally gross, but the dog is happy that he's getting his regular treat. Who knew dog treats were all about the flavour and not just the crunch or the attention?


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