Sep. 1st, 2011

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After Tuesday's fiasco wherein I was nearly left all week without power to my fridge, bathroom, and back half of my house, which was followed by a week where the front half of my house was off during the day... I was informed today that the electricians are done for now and will be back on Tuesday. a.k.a. after I've left on my trip. Woo!

Now, I wish they'd told me they wouldn't need access yesterday, as it would have saved me a lot of moving of boxes and getting up at 7am assuming I'd need to vacate. But it did motivate me to pack more, and moving boxes around is pretty much a free exercise class, right? It would have been nice if they hadn't disconnected the lights to a section of the basement too. But I'm feeling much more forgiving knowing that for the first time in a week, there won't be any drilling noises, yelling and thumping starting at 8am, and unlike the first day, they did a nice job of cleaning up so I can get stuff stored in the basement without issue tomorrow and over the weekend.

In case it wasn't bad enough that I'm stupid busy, my poor boyfriend had the worst birthday ever. So we've been up late chatting as we both vent about our days. Which isn't very compatible with 7am wakeup, but I'm pretty much at the point where I figured I could take the constitution damage more than I could afford to lose sanity points.

My supervisor has been very sympathetic about both our stressors (he saw the news and immediately asked me how J was doing when I was in today) so there's no giant pressure there, but on the down side I'm worried my dates are going to slide and slide and slide. I can't take any more of this encounter and need to heal to full, and until the darned thesis is done that's not likely to happen. :/

Things that are awesome:

  • With all the noise and stressors, I couldn't write... but I got more packing done!
  • Avoiding the noise, I got a lot of errands done today including dealing with banks, returning the last thing I'd borrowed and needed to return, etc.
  • S, K and M have all been in to help me pack and convince me to throw out/give away more stuff.
  • I have a good place to store my boxes for a month or two, and my parents are taking some stuff for longer term storage
  • I managed to unclog my vacuum, so tomorrow there will be less dust!
  • If I quit writing now, I can curl up with a paperback before I have to sleep. :)


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