Sep. 7th, 2011

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Technically I'm just visiting since my work visa is messed up (it currently says I was born in 1999, and I'm pretty sure the work visa for 11 year old me isn't going to be valid), but I'm in the new place now to get things set up for when I can move here properly and legally.

I have a couch to sleep on for now, and internet through my phone, plus my suitcase of clothes, small electronics, and my clarinet. I look forwards to practising in the empty rooms, though I expect it'll be a few days before I can manage to practice for any length of time, given the altitude difference.

I managed to walk to a grocery store yesterday so I've got some basics and crummy disposable dishes. I've been taking stock of stuff this morning and making a list for when I head to kmart or whatever this afternoon. I don't need anything desperately now, but I figure it's good to get out and learn where things are and in the end I have a lot of stuff I need to buy so it's going to take a lot of trips. I can't move any of my stuff from home without the visa, so it's going to be pretty empty for a while.

I have thesis revisions in hardcopy from my supervisor that I got the day I moved out. I had to schlep this through the airport in my messenger bag for fear of losing luggage en route and my sore back and legs are not thanking him for this right now. I plan to start working through those tonight if I'm not too wiped out when I get home from shopping. Altitude change + flights + moving + thesis = tired Terri.

Tomorrow, I think I'll head to the university. I need to deal with the visa paperwork and it'll be nice to work from there with reasonable internet and something to sit on beyond my One True Couch.


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